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Mariah Halloway

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Mariah Halloway

Post by Mariah on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:31 pm

Mariah grew up in a wealthy family. She got what she wanted, and what she felt she deserved. When she was nine, her parents split up and her mom and brother (five at the time) moved to Canada, so she doesn't hear much from them.
At the ripe young age of thirteen, she began excessively binge eating and purging. When she was seventeen, she began taking medication to help with her bulimia nervosa. She has since been on a variety of prescribed meds, and has been purge-free for 14 months, but still has times of weakness which she "fixes" by self medicating with alcohol.
When she was 18, she moved out on her own and began working towards her major in cosmetology. It then became clear to her that much of her father's fortune was false, and her father was quickly spiraling into debt and could not afford to support her financially any longer. Since the idea of getting a job makes her stomach turn, she turned to the income of her many "boyfriends" to keep her high maintenance lifestyle alive.

Name: Mariah
Full Name: Mariah Lillian Halloway
Nicknames: None
Pronunciation: muh-RY-uh
Name Meaning: Bitter (Origin American)

The Basics
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Heteroromantic
Face Claim: Mila Kunis

Scars: Tattoo on ankle: Infinity sign

Likes: Sex
Strengths: Manipulation, Lying  
Weaknesses: Does not work well under pressure, can not hold food down without her medication, physical labor
Fears: Rejection, Zombies, Freaking the Dark

Inventory (In depth): Small Backpack
-Wallet: Driver's license, Fake ID, $10.67, 3 condoms, American Express Card, Victoria's Secret Gift Card
-Victoria's Secret Perfume: Bombshell, half used
-Change of clothes: Orange tank top, hunter green cardigan, and black shorts


Inventory: Wallet, Spare clothes, Sunglasses
Sex Kitten
Sex Kitten

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