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Rules/Sign Ups/Information

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Rules/Sign Ups/Information

Post by Evie on Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:00 pm

Missing People: Most of the people that go missing go missing in the cities. NPCs in our community might report people who have gone missing and its our job to send a search party for them and hopefully bring them back alive.

Bounties: Bounties are similar to missing people but these are searches for zombies. Family members that may have succumbed to the virus that someone wants 'put down.'

The groups that are sent out can be open or private groups. The minimum number of people per group is two and the maximum is six. There can be as few or as many members in any particular position as you want as long as there are no more than six members total. Participants can have dual roles if the party is small and there is need for it.


+Rewards must be split equally between all participants no matter their position
+All characters must be 18 or older to participate.


Leader: Democratically decided among the group members. Is responsible for supervising over the group and making the decisions.

Scout: scouts are fast and have a good sense of direction. They travel ahead of the group and are on the look out for danger.

Guard: Guards are strong and generally skilled in combat. They are the brutes of the group and are in charge of keeping the group safe.

Medic: Not necessarily a doctor, just someone with basic knowledge. They carry around a nice little first aid kit and generally stay out of the line of fire so it is a pretty safe job.

Current Missing People:

Current Bounties:

Joining Form


Please post your joining form on the forum with your desired job.
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